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Holding On To Foggy Memories

Holding On To Foggy Memories By Ranjeeta Nath Ghai Holding on toFoggy memoriesI feel my dreams dieAnd I realize;On my own, I must goSearching for something differentAs it is blackness that fills my nights.As cliché as it may soundI know you watched the curtains close,While the world slept and I was left sitting in the cold … Read more

Prepare to Face Another Challenge Fearlessly


Prepare to Face Another Challenge Fearlessly The time I spent here was sweet, Beyond anyone’s dream Only in the pure beauty of your Words, I was rendering, Is it easy being a judge? You can ask me now No. I say, as I hear you, see you Fearlessly performing to new highs. “I did it … Read more

How To Be A Self Motivated Leader

As a ‘Motivational Speaker’ at first session of GMP of Khitaab-e-Kshitij (Auditions), a Pan India Contest. Do not forget to LISTEN, LIKE & SHARE if you agree with me. Kshitij is a place where poetry and ghazals are taken to the non-poetic audience. It’s a place where the GenerationX poets meet & interact with Millenium … Read more

The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again

The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again

The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again Deafening Reckoning Confusing Heartbreaking The sounds of silence Has weird ways Of making itself heard. A few tears Pain; that is Impossible to explain Ego; An unyielding foe Skates across reality and Sounds of silence speak again. Fears mock me when I’m scared Rhythmic sound of breaths Reassuring that I’m … Read more