Welcome To My Home


A place where My heart resides
Where I am the boss
And The seductress.
A place where I can be a child
Be my own self.
A  place that is not just a building
But where My emotions
And memories reside.
A place where there is No room
For hate and neglect.
A place where Love bursts forth
Like contagious laughter.
A place where my heart and mind
Are at Peace.
My home;
Is where I Belong.
 — Ranjeeta N Ghai

If you have made it till here then please rest a while and proceed further. Here on my page, you’ll find no politics and no caste or race related material. If you are interested in that then you are at the wrong place.

If you can handle a little truth, philosophies and realities of life, loads of love romance and emotions then my friend you are the right place carry on….

A small guided tour so that you don’t get lost. Now that is something I wouldn’t want… I hope you enjoy your stay here.


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