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“दस्तूर”: Guest Post


है ये दस्तूर जमाने का ऐसा
तुझको हर कदम-कदम पर तौला औ परखा ही जायेगा।
है गर तुझमेंं जुगनूओंं वाली रोशनी,
तेरा फन इस दुनिया मेंं आईने की तरह चमक ही जायेगा।
आसांं नही होता है खुद को साबित करना,
अपनी आजमाइश को कर बुंंलद इतना,
कि तेरा जलवा इस जमींं पर हर तरफ छा ही जायेगा।
अपने हौसलोंं पर करना होगा तुझको भरोसा इतना,
कि ऊपर बैठे खुदा का फैसला भी,
इक दिन यारोंं यकीनन बदल ही जायेगा।
आज जिस कामयाबी को तरस रही है रुह तेरी,
हो सकता है कल वही किस्मत का सितारा,
तेरे कदमोंं मेंं आके बिखर ही जायेगा।
सोच को रखना हमेशा अपनी पाक औ साफ,
तेरे शख्शियत की खुशबू गुलाब के फूलोंं की तरह,
यहाँँ के चमन मेंं यारोंं इक दिन तो महक ही जायेगा।
लडखडाते है रास्तोंं पर आज जो कदम तेरे,
कल वही कदमोंं का काफिला मंंजिल पे ,
पहुँँचकर अपनी बेफ्रिकी से संंभल ही जायेगा।



Our guest today is a multi-talented lady who shines in many ways: as a writer, a blogger, a homemaker, a mother and a poet. My chat with her was most enjoyable. I am confident you will enjoy it too.

RNG: Sarita Pandey, it is a joy to have you as a guest on my blog ‘atrangizindagieksafar’. You have a beautiful blog on WordPress. What is the title of your blog and what is it about?

SARITA: Hi Ranjeeta, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my views on writing. My blog’s name is pandeysarita. I love words and reside in the world of words. I usually write poems, ghazals and articles about recent happening.

RNG: When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

SARITA: I honestly never thought of becoming a writer. But as I saw ups and downs in my life and our constantly changing society that is when I realised that I couldn’t resist the will to share my views through poems. I used to write them in my diary and quote it to my daughters sometimes. They like it and encouraged me to write more seriously and post it on social media. As we know the internet is a global platform where your thoughts can flow among masses in the blink of a second.

 RNG: How long does it take you to write a poem or a ghazal?

SARITA:  It all depends on my surrounding and state of mind sometimes it takes an hour or so and sometimes it takes weeks to complete it.

RNG: What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

SARITA: There is no schedule. I always try to write it down as soon as a thought clicks in my mind be it past midnight or early dawn. 

RNG: What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

SARITA: I have no quirk. I just prefer going with the flow.

RNG: What is your motivation factor?

SARITA: Reading. I think people who read a lot gain tonnes of knowledge from it which eventually helps them, as it did to me in creating their own work. And I’m most inspired and motivated by the great writer Munshi Premchand. His classic ability to depict our society is something I admire most.

RNG: When did you write your first poem/ghazal and how old were you?

SARITA:  I think it’s been more than 25yrs since I wrote my first poem. I was 18 at that time.

RNG: How many poems/Ghazal have you written till now? Can you share a few lines of your favourite poem/Gazal with translation?

SARITA: In all, I have written more than 60 poem and gazals. I would like to share a few line from the poem which I dedicated to my daughters 

“Duniya ka sabse sundar shabd “maa” kahane wali, chalane par gir girakar mera anchaal pakadane wali mai tab bhi tere saat thi mai aaj bhi tere saat hu” 
“Pal pal bachapan ko chodd yuva dehalij par kadam rakhne wali, har uss sawaal ka jawab jo teri jubaa pe reheta uss jawab ko meri aankhon mai dhoodh ne wali, mai tab bhi tere saat thi mai aaj bhi tere saat hu” 

RNG: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

SARITA: I’m always ready to grab a new book and read it while I’m not writing.

RNG: Would you like to consider publishing your work in form of a book in the near future?

SARITA: Yes, of course. I’m not that great of a writer but I would really like to publish my work in form of a book someday.

RNG: Do you have any suggestions to help the people reading your interview become a better writer? If so, what are they?

SARITA: Yes, My advice to people for becoming a better writer is to write down every thought may it be negative or positive that comes in their mind. And then evaluate them accordingly. And always prefer to write in the language which you have thorough knowledge off because it becomes easy to express yourself.

RNG: Thank you, Sarita, for being my guest and giving me the pleasure of hosting you. Hope to have many more such lovely guests posts from you in future too. Before you leave please check out the Hall of Fame  which has been created to honour the guests on my blog.

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