The Old Monk: Elixir of India

This poem is a tribute to India’s elixir The Old Monk.
Old Monk Rum is an iconic vatted Indian dark rum, launched on 19 December 1954.
Kapil Mohan, the man behind iconic Old Monk, passes away at 88 on Jan 09, 2018.

old monk poem

A monk who decided to dedicate his life
to serving all other living mortals,
guiding them while they avoided any hurdles.
His brilliant creation celebrating life’s his and lows,
thus creating the most popular elixir of all times
capturing their joys and woes.

Never dependant on advertising,
its popularity wholly depended on word of mouth
and loyalty of its customers
be it a lover or a hustler.
Aged from seven to twelve it never failed to amaze
and always was a craze.

Incomplete without ‘The Old Monk’
was a dessert, a cocktail or a cake.
Adding flavour to the lives of armed personnel
overtaking the Hercules it was always there
as a remedy to heartache.

Now that the creator of the Monk is gone
on a journey with no return ticket
he took the happiness of all in his pocket.
Mohan Meakin or ‘The Old Monk’
a proud recipient of gold medals dealt
with it all; chaos and strategies, it settled.

Calling all the devil’s out there,
raise a toast and continue to boast
that you just gulped the most loved distilled beverage;
a dark rum with a distinct vanilla flavour,
that was the envy of all your neighbours…

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