Embrace Not Abandon


Seniors being abandoned,
A senior feline, bovine,
Citizens, lovers, or a canine,
Being dumped to fend for their own,
When all they need is a loving home.
All for lack of empathy and patience…!

So easy to give up on someone,
To love and desert;
Or leave high and dry,
But it takes courage,
Not to turn your back on,
And cast someone aside.

Abandon a rotten habit,
Renounce your ego,
Dump your anger and frustration,
Break-up with a painful past,
Relinquish your expectations of people,
And, yield to inner peace.

Abandon yourself,
To sensuousness of music,
Warmth of your lover’s arms,
Refrain from hurting sentiments,
Allow yourself to indulge,
In abandonment of desire or an impulse.

Abandon yourself,
To the need of the hour today,
Do away with stress,
Quit dwelling in pain, and,
Desist from pretence of trying to succeed,
Give in to happiness, and,
Continue to laugh more.

Don’t love and abandon,
Abandon yourself to love…..


© All rights reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.


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