Saga of INS Vikrant

Take of  fighter aircraft from INS VIKRANT


INS VIKRANT, guarding the seas


INS VIKRANT, India’s first aircraft carrier, war hero of 1971 war, fades away in history as it is reduced to scrap
Bajaj V, made out of scrap of INS VIKRANT


Crest of Bajaj V

Deployed to serve my nation,
To thwart any invasion,
In the boundless blue seas,
With the powers that be,
Beaten by storms and aquamarine,
Forever ready for the unforeseen,
I survived through the spirit of law,
Jayema Sam Yudhi Sprdhah* 

Beyond fear and trepidation,
And stretch of the imagination,
Boundless, mighty, luscious waves,
Sending my enemies to their graves,
Never once did I flounder,
Making my men prouder,
I survived through the spirit of law,
Jayema Sam Yudhi Sprdhah

Now I’m old,
Marked to be a museum ship,
Many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip,
I Vikrant, World War II-era
Aircraft carrier
Now faced an economic barrier,
Yet,I survived through the spirit of law,
Jayema Sam Yudhi Sprdhah

In August, I was auctioned,
To be scrapped,
Remained beached and moored,
My journey’s end, now slow but sure,
To be reborn from my scrap,
Bajaj V**, a feather in one’s cap,
Yet again, I survived through the spirit of law,
Jayema Sam Yudhi Sprdhah

*-Sanskrit: जयेम सं युधि स्पृध:, which is taken from Rig Veda 1.8.3 and is translated as “I defeat those who fight against me”.

**- in February 2016 Indian auto manufacturer Bajaj, unveiled a new bike made from the metal of INS Vikrant’s scrap and named it Bajaj V in honour of INS Vikrant.

© All rights reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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15 thoughts on “Saga of INS Vikrant

    1. Thanks… I’ve been in love with INS Vikrant, since I was a little girl. My mother and father both have had the good fortune if having served on Vikrant…. Grew up listening to valor stories of Vikrant. I cried my heart out the day Supreme Court have orders for it to be scrapped. It felt as if a family had died…
      This is a small tribute to INS Vkrant

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is such a beautiful tribute! I myself am a lover of ships and I can proudly say that I got a chance to be aboard the new INS Vikrant under construction here in Cochin Shipyard!!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Very true well written. I can relate with this as l have many times attended parties on d deck of Vikant when I was in navy very immotional article


  2. Wow, the flow to this poem and the saddening beauty behind it tells all about the writer. Such talent! Amazing! – Cezane


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