I Dared to Dream….


Crystal clear waters, reflections of the sky,
By the riverside we walked hand in hand,
The look in your eyes lifting my heart,
Soft murmurs caressing my soul, gentle promises,
And I fell in love with myself again,
Where it will lead, I never spared a thought,
A luminous path, sublime contentment,
With a heart full of love and wind beneath my wings,
I walked the forbidden route,
Beyond imagination and reality…
I dared to dream an impossible dream.

Life was never so perfect,
A stolen glance, a gentle touch,
A fluttering heart and yearning desires,
Breaking all barriers, disregarding all rules…
Then just suddenly as it struck,
The flame diminished and love ceased to exist,
Time forever in constraint, lame excuses took over,
You belonged to none, but courted all,
Tears dried and Love died… I know cuz my soul died too,
Like a battered wounded soldier I fell to my knees,
Beyond imagination and reality…
I dared to dream an impossible dream.

Maybe I think more than I speak and,
Notice more than you realise and,
Maybe I conclude too fast….. but I,
Quit living in a fool’s paradise and am redefining my priorities,
Now I’ve stopped chasing cuz ‘I’ do matter,
Even if only for myself…. I guess
From my ashes I Shall rise like a phoenix,
Because, I dared… I lost but I dared,
Beyond imagination and reality…
I dared to dream an impossible dream.

(9th January 2015)

© All rights reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.



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