The Lofty Majestic Mountains


A fear­some war­rior clad in icy armor
Guardian of our frontiers
Ruthless and invigorating
Beautiful­ti­ful and ugly
Peace­ful and malev­o­lent
Holy and unholy — some­times all at once
The sub­lime majesty of moun­tains
Redefining our imagination, amongst a thousand clouds and thousand streams.

Looming larger than life, from morning light till moonlight
Rising up and erupting in our minds
It’s face adorned with wrinkles
A witness of the era bygone
Crouched, enor­mous and aus­tere
Connecting ani­mals who call it home
The trees grow­ing on its hills, and, the people who attempt to climb it
The mountains are no more soulless piles of boulder.

Lonesome, lamen­ta­ting like a ghost,
A dark silhouette against the clear blue sky
Encompassed in mist or lonely clouds floating leisurely by,
Serene soli­tude and untrodden sunlit summits
Irresistibly attractive
Mighty, majestic and standing tall
Representing impossible challenges, insurmountable obstacles
Hidden in tales of lore
Lofty mountains are places where the heavens and earth meet.

© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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