It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last…..
…if I am not wrong then it was 1981, winters, that I got my first furry buddy, SILKY. She was a mixed breed, and what a beauty she was. Since then I’ve never looked back…. Pets or rescued animals, all are welcome to my home. I’ve had roosters, hens, rabbits, dogs, parrots, bat, tortoise… all together. Some were pets while others were rescued to be sent back to wild once healed. 

SILKY…. My first furry buddy

Silky knew she looked adorable while scratching her ears

WHISKY with my son Rhishabh at 3months.


Whisky at 3yrs… With her new born, JW, 12th Jan. She died on14th


JW, JULIET and Rhishabh.

Simba and JW at 3yrs

Sheroo, our rescued Desi Indian Dog. He was almost run over by a gypsy. After which he was bought to his forever home. My house.

Sheroo, ruling in grass at 6yrs.


Tuk-tuk, rescued owlet, who was later released back into the wild.

Meaow, at 17 yrs approx. An old stray cat that was mauled by dogs. Was logged after for 20 days, but could not survive.

Only consolation being, he didn’t due in a gutter like a stray. But had a home in his last few days. And has a marked grave.

Meaow, sleeping blissfully.

Gori, an abandoned Pomeranian, who became a stray and her litter of 9 pups, who lived in my garden.

Tiger, a rescued pup, who had bite and maggot wounds. Was treated successfully and adopted into a loving family. Is now 7 months old.

PS. the white cat is snowbell. another rescued cat, who stole our hearts.

This is not the end, the saga of rescue carries on…. 

From 1981 to 2016, it’s been a long journey but very fulfilling. Each ball of fur has only added bundles of joy in my life and family.

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