Caught Within the Winds



Like a chorus of angels singing
Putting the separation to an end
Finally the summer arrives…
Never ever did I wait for summer to come
Like now I do, for You, my migratory birds
To come home…
As your train arrives at the station
You, remind me of a bird fleeing the branch
Yet always coming back, homebound.
Your wings have not yet grown
And, I don’t know how it would happen
But I have to let you fly.


Soaring to where the dreams come alive
Expanding your horizons
Feeling the wind beneath your wings.
But there’s one thing
That you should always bear in your mind
That you are stronger than the winds
Glide away, ride the wind
Bend, if necessary, and you’ll never break
Keep going
Not only for reaching the end
But for the satisfaction
You’ll get from within.


When my second chick launches
Itself leaving behind an empty nest
And the last echo of his voice
Is swallowed by the din of the bustling city
When the spring is over
And the last dewdrop
Clings to a shadowed blade.
When the last goodbye
Is tearfully sighed from quivering lips
When the last crackled leaf releases a barren branch
That’s when I know I’ll not be alone,
That you both will be home.


Even if it is…
For a fortnight…
You both will be home…

It’s never easy for parents to see the children leave. It took me 20 years to understand the  pain and loneliness my parents must have gone through…
As I stand at the same threshold where they stood 20 years ago, I can only pray to God to give me the strength to let them go and chalk out a life for themselves.


© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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