Mauli, You’ll Be Lonely No More

Mauli, You’ll Be Lonely No More Lonely no more; her moment will come, To unleash her fiercest desires. When desires will no longer be tamed, Passions burning hotter than the sun. *** Having dwelt in them so long, Her heart had turned to ice; Numb and cold, Eyes fierce; yet delicate. *** A fiery temperament; … Read more

Vices: Drugs Of My Choice

Vices: Drugs Of My Choice Indulge; Plunge, Maybe even if for seconds. Explore; and, Come back for more. Vices; entice us; They allure, Often too much to endure. ***** Someone’s vices, Are another’s virtue. forever interchangeable. Ideals are wonderful, If trapped; then a destructive attachment. When to strike a balance, Between virtues and vices? ***** … Read more

Lies: Truths We Wish To Hear


Lies: Truths We Wish To Hear Lies; Broken promises and crushed hopes A different brand of heartbreak Mind rationalizing the malady Sabotaging relationships Unknown depths of dark deceit Stabbing; silently through the chest. *** Cheat; Playing wicked games of mind The truth hidden, a black vacuum Choking the essence of love Chooses to stay on; … Read more

Fallen Leaves


Fallen Leaves The daylight declines, To linger; As the leaves fall, Away with the wind. Whispering together; Before a storm, Naked branches, Now scratched by cold wind. *** From the seed We were conceived, Spring; being our beginning. Each lyrical leaf, Dancing; Gracefully upon the wind. The leaves take counsel; Some linger on while some fly down. … Read more

A Shattered Dream

A Shattered Dream Trembling and bewildered, Standing bravely in the middle of a crisis, Heart remaining the same as it is, She acts… Her woes, Obviously masked. *** Those blank expressions, Her scars she’s hidden after the incident. No one knows, She’s dying inside. No one knows, How much is weighing down on her shoulders. … Read more

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

A Bittersweet Ache

Two Sides Of The Same Coin Mistakes Reminders of failure. Sometimes voluntarily; by design Other accidental; by default; by habit. Trying hard to be perfect. Time goes by, Days turn into weeks, Weeks to months and years. ***** Unable to accept, We are but flawed creatures. Truth be told, There’s no such thing as a … Read more

Take A Chance: Gamble


Take A Chance: Gamble Life’s a gamble Some people find happiness twice And others never. Some catch a chance Make it big; cash it in, But for every hit There are many misses. ***** Love’s a gamble For some, it’s a suture Other it’s like bruise For every love There are twenty hates A bed … Read more

Reclaiming The Victory Of Life

Reclaiming The Victory Of Life Biting my tongue for long, Keeping words Back from the surface, Caged feelings; Feeling chained down Trying hard Not let them words, escape That would jeopardize my entire soul. ***** To keep away from My desires Turning a blind eye To the misdeeds Of my heart And heavy-hearted sentiments. I’ve … Read more

Will You Love Me Still?

Will You Love Me Still? When I turn 70 and old, Frosted hair and wrinkled skin, When age spots tarnish my complexion, Will you love me still? ***** When I can no longer keep pace your longer steps, My painful knees forcing me to walk slow, When every time I get left behind, Will you … Read more

Naked Eyes That Speak


Naked Eyes That Speak Naked eyes; Hazel eyes; Remind me Of the lush warmth of the fireside.  ***** Naked eyes; A window to your soul That sees through me And gazes directly into my soul. ***** Naked eyes; When we’re together Talk to each other; sans words Time waits and all the world stands still. … Read more