Broken promises and crushed hopes
A different brand of heartbreak
Mind rationalizing the malady
Sabotaging relationships
Unknown depths of dark deceit
Stabbing; silently through the chest.


Playing wicked games of mind
The truth hidden, a black vacuum
Choking the essence of love
Chooses to stay on; ignoring,
Caging our sanity; paralyzing the heart
Strangling  commonsense till blind.


So easy to lie and cheat
But can one cheat on Death…?


© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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Below is my first published Poetry Book “Mann ki Aarzoo,” which is available on Notion Press, Amazon, Bookadda, Infibeam and Kindle.

Mann ki_cover 2_Rev 4

You’ll love reading through it and won’t be disappointed

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