To Dig Up Knowledge, You Have To Dig Around

Dig Up Knowledge

Sweating students; Anxious parents; Invigilating teachers Clinking of pencil boxes, Scratching of quills, Rustling of paper, Mindless pouring out of knowledge. *** Students write, scribble and scrawl, In the solemn air of the exam hall; brain dead they are. Diarrhea of all sorts spilling onto papers. Doodling with numbers, And complexities of their vocabulary. Combating … Read more

A Facade of Laughing Bonhomie

A Facade of Laughing Bonhomie

Behind her facade, Is a sorrow with reason. A girl who was filled with, Insecurities, and sadness. Emotions; locked and imprisoned, Like a tiny white-winged dove. * Behind her facade, I know a different person. Who lives in a hope with dying light, Looking happy and carefree. Hiding a boiling, raging love, Longing to be … Read more

Shall We Agree To Disagree

Shall We Agree To Disagree

  Tell me, Shall we agree to disagree- That fear exists only in the mind And wealth is entirely subjective * Tell me, Shall we agree to disagree- That poetry is a form of expression; a means to protest, It’s not for the faint of heart but for the strong in thought * Tell me, … Read more

The Versatile Blogger Award


I am thankful to wonderful blogger Miriam Hurdle, The Showers of Blessing for nominating me for  “The Versatile Blogger Award.”  Do take out some time and read Miriam Hurdle, The Showers of Blessing ‘s blog…It is versatile…. ranging from poetry…photography…art…music…gardening…health and wellness…travel…and much more. You’ll surely enjoy each one of them. There’s been a slight delay in posting it … Read more

Nothing Is Ever Finished

I keep your memories Locked in a box, Hidden in my heart. Like you keep Your love for me, Hidden in your mind. * Incomplete; Without the piece You took from me. Life is a spectrum that exists Between the black and white. Grey; being questions that have no answer. * Memories of you: forever … Read more

Amidst The Sands of Time

Amidst The Sands of Time

Poised like an ocean; deep and infinite, Sometimes calm, at times tempestuous. But with whatever happens on the surface, I do have a serious qualm. Ripples and waves that arise and subside, Are all signs that there’s life existing down inside. My mere existence; Encompassing the land, Clouds and atmosphere above, Which in turn return … Read more

Sometimes It’s Just Better To Pretend

Sometimes It's Just Better To Pretend

  I’ll pretend Once again To be fine and happy That lies and deceit don’t bother me anymore That I don’t feel sad, that nothing hurts me anymore. * I’ll pretend Once again That I didn’t notice your silence That I don’t feel bad That you are forever busy and me feeling alone… * I’ll … Read more

Dancing With the Devil

My heart is beating… That’s all I hear. Getting faster and faster, Head pounding with every second that goes by. Constant nausea; plagued by fear. Tightness in my chest, Suffocating: I can’t breathe. ***** I need to get out of here, I need to breathe. Sweating cold bullets of fear, I wonder why I’m panicking. … Read more

Life Touches You Like That

Wandering aimlessly, Begging for food to assuage his hunger in life He wore a shirt, Old and tattered… Holes in places faded all over; Sans buttons; Chest plastered with bandages; Of injuries unknown to me. *** It was so ironic, Me alighting from my car. Going to buy samosas* to eat, Not out of hunger. … Read more