3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 1


Hello Friends!!
Today is a very auspicious day for us Indians. Today 5th Sept 2016, being ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ and ‘Teacher’s Day’ both.

All my fellow bloggers have been very supportive and patient in reading my blog posts, which I always start, thinking I’ll write only a few lines…. 😉 and then somehow it goes on in stanzas…

I hope you ALL have a very inspirational and a fruitful week. Wishing you ALL the very best in life….I am grateful for lovely responses over my recent blogs. Keep the affection pouring in. Appreciation is the best kick a writer can get….!

I was nominated by avid travel blogger PrashantT for this challenge today. He has one of the best and versatile travel blog, I really enjoy going through them. Learning about new places about which we don’t know is a treat in itself. Visit his blog for amazing reads.

So here are the rules of this challenge followed by my quotes for Day 1.


My initial quotes are dedicated to Lord Ganesha followed by quotes from my pen so here are my quote for today…




“A person who looks for flaws in others,
is like a FLY,
that ignores everything beautiful,
chooses to concentrate on the Ugly and Evil”

Its easy to find faults and flaws in every person we meet…but the beauty lies in rising above it and seeing the positive sides of others. We must remember that nobody is born perfect including us… 

My nominees for day 1 are:



Mystic raghaash’s Blog


Making it write

Have a great WEEK ahead!!



6 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 1

  1. This is fabulous quote ma’am,indeed we’ll do better things in life & rise if we’ll look forward to ourself instead pinning to others on thier flaws and haha.. my mother would feel very happy if i’ll tell her that i learnt some facts about Lord Ganesha(thats in pic).

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