Shadows on the Wall

on the Walls

Shadows on the Wall The bombed church;* A sinister looking forlorn building, Stood out in the moonlight. An eerie silence engulfed me whenever crossed it. * Shadows danced on the walls Winds whistling Through the trees whose branches Seem to snare and snarl in the moonlight. * A spectre; I can feel its power; Vibrancy; … Read more

…And the End Comes Too Soon

the End

…And the End Comes Too Soon A college friend comes visiting by Gifts, husband and kids in tow Surprising me as I slept. We party through the night and party hard Many strangers I can see One is rude yet the others are friendly But how can all this be true…!?! Tired I trudge my … Read more

A Few Wounds and A Pinch Of Salt

A Pinch Of Salt

A Few Wounds and A Pinch Of Salt A few wounds;A pinch of salt;And a little pain.But it’s time not to mourn.The etched memories,Will serve as a reminder,Never to trust you again. * One eye behind my head,The other facing forward.Watching out for stray daggers,While focusing on the future.Today, I have rearranged the people in … Read more

A Faerie Song

A Faerie Song

A Faerie Song Picturesque hills;Rolling green;Gliding hawks; mountain mist;Whispering winds flirted with me,And, frolicked on snow-spattered peaks * Beneath me lay the city in all its glory.The canvas brilliantly flecked by,Cabin like house adorning the hillsides,Sloped fields spread out like a terraceNever can I forget this view from atop the hill’s crest. * Rising whirls … Read more

A War on Our Consciousness

A War on Our Consciousness

A War on Our Consciousness Ostracized; Banished; excommunicated; Banned..! * Ban books and people Ban television and serials Ban women from driving or love marriages. * Let’s remain ignorant and dumb. Oblivious to the world around us. In this messed up world need, we complicate things further! * What’s the purpose banning this or that? … Read more

Welcome To New Beginnings

Welcome To New Beginnings

Welcome To New Beginnings Flower to fruit. Infant to an adult. Silence before the storm. Caterpillar to butterfly. Peace after war Recovery after illness, Healing after injury… Triumph after a loss. Happiness; contentment after pain Ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel. * Accompanied by turmoil and trepidation, Foreboding and disquiet, Discomposure … Read more

A Tiny Speck of Hope


A Tiny Speck of Hope In the vast expanding universe We’re all searching for forever love Forever relationships. And miss out on Tiny moments of bliss. * They may be tiny But not tinnier than Any grain of sand Or a grain of salt. * Tiny voices scream In my subconscious mind. Forgotten memories I … Read more

Happiness Is Artificial


Happiness Is Artificial My smiles; manufactured To your liking, Funny how it appeases your ego. You thrive on your moments Of artificial power Which in fact is a mirage As I long for moments of silence. * My independence Damaged beyond repair. The glow in my eyes, Lit by an artificial happiness. Sick of you … Read more

Look Back and Smile


Look Back and Smile Feelings Emotions Many we know Some we can feel Loneliness. Anxiety. Love. Hate… And all that it brings; but, only a few we understand. * Sometime, somewhere, Journeying through your life You happen to chance upon That One amongst the millions Without whom life feels empty And all the shades are … Read more