JNW’S Halloween Challenge :Cat

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s Challenge:cat

Leopard cub, AFS, DINJAN, ASSAM

Black Panther, AFS, DINJAN, ASSAM….we lived with the leopard and panthers prowling in our cantt. in total harmony

Snowbell sun basking

Snowbell hiding in a pot

My rescued cat, MEAOW… now across the rainbow bridge

Snowbell and simba


9 thoughts on “JNW’S Halloween Challenge :Cat

    1. Yep😊 these cubs were playing at the gate of our house. They are wild. Mother later came and took them away. There was a black panther and two leopards one male one female. Many a times we bumped into them while walking. Both leopard and panther were best pals. They would often spill out of the bushes onto us while playing and rolling when we were out on a walk


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