Can you help your fellow blogger?

The top 3 winners get cash reward and distribution to 12 premium bookstores across India..

The top 10 books will also be prominently displayed at the Notion Press stall in the New Delhi World Book Fair in January 2017

It will begin on October 5th 


ends at 4:00 PM on October 28th

I must top the sales leaderboard during this period.

I am entering the book sales contest. Everyday we do so many unnecessary expenditures. This is for a good cause.

I am sure you won’t mind supporting me in boosting the sales of my book, “Mann ki Aarzoo”.

The cost of my book is only Rs 170/-, Kindle Edition £2.07Paperback £6.89

Please don’t hesitate to place your order and order a copy for yourself asap. Links to buy the book online are provided below.

Hoping for a positive response…

Warm regards,

Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

For more from the writer check out Ranjeeta’s book  ” Mann ki Aarzoo”

on Notion Press:

On Amazon:

On bookadda:


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