Escape From a Chaotic World

Escape From a Chaotic World So many overwhelming thoughts; Ricocheting off my mind. Huddled in my duvet, Dwelling on what to write, Again, I begin to ponder. As my mind spins with chaotic speed. In comparison to mind and thoughts within, Hearts are wild creatures Buried deep in cages of our ribs. The mess it … Read more

A Seemingly Endless Wait

A Seemingly Endless Wait Pacing to the front door and back Only to peek out of my door To check the streets again minutes later. Looking through the window And watching the street outside. I check for every person that passes Before stalking back into my room. * I welcome distractions and doorbells That sends … Read more

A Tear, The Turmoil and A Response

A Tear, The Turmoil and A Response Twenty-six letters; A paper as a canvas and pen in lieu of a brush. Boundaries set up by feelings and grammar. Striving for perfection; Transcending cultural boundaries. Playing with words; Disguising life’s dismal undercurrent, Or, revealing hidden radiance within. Poetry, fiction, article, short stories… A writer; Has infinite … Read more

Nature’s Redolent Perfumes

Nature’s Redolent Perfumes Cozily wrapped in blankets Warmth of love, radiating Somewhere ‘tween smiles and yawns. The coffee pot gurgles and coughs Morning brew; aromatic coffee Awakening my senses. As nosey sun squeezes Through the bedroom curtains, I imagine you’re here with me. * Fragrant flowers; a touch of satin scarlet rose petals, Sweet, soft … Read more

Love, Passion And The Lovers

Love, Passion And The Lovers

Love, Passion And The Lovers Brown eyes; passion-infused One fiery glance, Glowing embers Sparks of passion Scorched in pleasure; body temperatures soaring, I caught fire. * My insatiable love and passion, Scorching hot kisses; tongues intertwined, Embers light up, Feeding my flames, Unwaveringly; devouring With much ardour, passion escalates and soars. * Your rough hands, … Read more

A Regal Blue and Breathtakingly Bold


A Regal Blue and Breathtakingly Bold Mysteriously beautiful; I see you parading. Unpredictable; A tad bit capricious Strutting conspicuously Showing off; Flaunting your brilliant Blue-green flawless plumage Of exquisite beauty up for display. * Welcoming the rain Loud and boisterous You prance like enraged dancer Fluttering with enthusiasm Showcasing all your emotions. With pride in … Read more

You Were Born Again

Born Again

You Were Born Again Forget the pain, Forget the sadness. On the street littered with scorn, You glided around with a defiant attitude. And I realised you were born again. * Unpredictable. Unstoppable. An invincible warrior. Standing tall; in utter confidence, Awestruck, I watched as you walked. You were born again. * Wanting nothing more … Read more

Chance Meeting: A Moment in Time


Chance Meeting: A Moment in Time A moment in time A chance meeting, Spoken words; Our worlds overlapped, And brewed coffee filtered the bitterness away. * The precise moment Our eyes interlocked My life changed forever. I could feel the joy Percolating through me. * The essence of love Percolates and makes us hold on … Read more

Trapped In A Filthy Cage


Trapped In A Filthy Cage Smog filled air; choked lungs. Trash filled land. Dirty streets, And filthy garbage mounds. Burning leaves Choking the bees and the birds. Grey stripped puffy tailed squirrels searching for nuts. Forced to learn to avoid large cars and which roads not to trust. Polluting factories dirtying the water bodies, Threshers … Read more

A Bed Soaked In Perfume


A Bed Soaked In Perfume Pale skin; half-dressed bodies; Side worn glances Hooked on potential customers. It’s almost midnight, No Cinderella fantasy No glass slippers and no prince charming. Time seems to be rushing away So many years, Yet the same old song to sing. No more tears to make her heart sting. * Wasted … Read more