Cee’s Photo Challenge:Tiny

Angel: my 2weeks old rescued abandoned kitty.
Angel sunbathing on my Labrador Simba who looks like a giant in comparison to her. JW enjoying the sun. It’s winter time in India.
JW and Snowbell peeping out of the door. Snowbell was a 2month old tiny kitten as compared to a 5 yrs old JW. She used to piggy back on them or hang on their tails and hitch a ride.
Tuk-tuk: A Tiny rescued owlet after a storm. Was let off into the wild once he could fly independently
Whisky feeding her tiny 2day old pup JW.(for JW ref pic with Snowbell above). She died the next day due to septicemia.
Simba and tiny Angel
Angel feeling sleepy… getting tucked in..
A new resting place. Warmth of my son’s t-shirt is too good to pass up
Say “Hi” Angel…. 😉
Can you please tuck me in….I’m feeling sleepy.
Angel: My tiny little darling is fast asleep now

My entries for the Cee’s Photo Challenge: Tiny


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