What’s Your Take On It…?

Just saw this on fb. Was too good to pass up. Had to share. Would love to hear your comments…..😉


9 thoughts on “What’s Your Take On It…?

  1. Hmm, on one hand I get irritated by people who say ‘draw’ when they mean drawer or get mixed up with their they’re there and so on. I do however proof read my own writing sometimes and realise spell check has changed it and it’s grammatically incorrect! Often I don’t proof read but come across the blog weeks later and there are blunders in there – oops! Some people are good with words, others with numbers or something else. We all shine in different ways and so I wouldn’t look down on them for it. I’m probably not great myself anyway 🙂

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    1. we all blunder…:-) and the biggest blunders are when the inbuilt dictionary does an auto correct and we realise it after we click on send/enter. sometimes those autocorrected words could be very embarrassing… and sometimes change the meaning of the sentence all together…


    2. errors is a different issue, but i get really put off when excessive shortcuts are used.. 2 txt or to tlk f u gt wht i mn. sm ppl use shrtcts n thk dat dey snd cul. (to text or to talk if you get what i mean. some people use shortcuts and think dat they sound cool and it fashionable.) this is what i consider rape of english language.

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