Be Grateful For All That You Have Today

Be Grateful

Be Grateful For All That You Have Today The present is here. The past doesn’t exist anymore And the future hasn’t got to you yet. No time to sit and mope over past regrets. Be grateful for all that you have today And all that is given to you. Love unconditionally, love freely. Grow in … Read more

A Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope

A Ray of Hope Freed from the hell Called self-pity, There are lessons to be learnt. Lessons; that teaches To unbound from shackles of past And not to dwell on the negatives. Let the fires of self-worth crackle Released from purgatory. And in the end The embers left Shall tell the story. There shall be … Read more

Speak Softly For They Are Listening


Speak Softly For They Are Listening The butterflies have fled. Sparrows have flown away; Never to return. Living within the circle of smoke and fumes That hovers above. Arrogantly. Ravenously; Fighting over pieces of the earth, As if driven by the devil. We beasts; The Humans, Born from her; Dependent on her, Yet, we dishonour … Read more

Even After the Curtains Close


Even After the Curtains Close Faceless crowds; Prominent personalities; All are being applauded By the right people. But, a woman; A mother. A sister. A wife. A colleague. Face their demons in silence, Combating sinful temptations. But are they really that sinful? Some ‘me’ time; Recognition; a little space under the sun… And the right … Read more

But For the Faint Memories


But For the Faint Memories Long ago I knew a girl Wistful and naughty. Hiking a trail through my memories I searched every path; followed every trail, Till I almost lost my way. * Fragments of memories Played in my mind Like a vintage film in black n white. And suddenly; within a moment, She … Read more

Cursed To Be The Dead


Cursed To Be The Dead There are things that we need And things that we think we need But in actuality, it’s just selfish craving. A Hungry mouth A Hungry soul Only blood and tears to quench the thirst. Hungry. Angry. Tired. But yes, lonely they are not. For many like them are waiting For … Read more

Let Love Rule Your Heart

Let Love Rule Your Heart

Let Love Rule Your Heart Let love rule your heart, Gratitude reflects in your eyes. Let your smile spread miles and miles of happiness, Bringing cheer to all near and dear. Feel the magic in the air, As the glow of love strengthens the bonds. With the flames of love kindled in every heart and home, … Read more

A Tainted Legacy


A Tainted Legacy With tired legs, I began to reach it, A garden; Which I hadn’t frequented in a while Which I knew existed But now had towers and skyscrapers Blocking its pristine view. * The world in which we live today Is made up of concrete blocks Instead of trees. Raped by humans; Fighting … Read more

A Whole New World Within

A Whole New World

A Whole New World Within Another year nearly coming to an end. Many untold stories still lie buried within. Guided by the unknown, Embarking on a new journey. This heart would learn to embrace, And discover the inner soul. *   “Don’t Judge a book by its cover” A mantra I intend to follow. For … Read more

A Stampede In My Mind

A Stampede In My Mind A tempest, Of emotions Exploding up Like lava Seeping out through Every nook and crevice Of my soul Showing mercy to none. * “Calm down,” I tell myself There’s nothing that Worrying can ever change. What is to be. Will be. Whatever happens, will happen for good. Flutters of insecurities … Read more