A Cordially Conspicuously Contrived Conundrum



Never treated well
Always getting beaten
Abused; by the very people, she trusted.
Thrashes on her face, and
Bruises on her back
Told an entirely different story
Than what the world was given to believe.


From tiny fingers stuffing explosive compounds in firecrackers,
Being abducted and sold into flesh trade,
Or maimed and pushed into beggary.
Hands that should be holding pencils and crayons,
Are rolling out incense sticks,
Or doing mundane household chores far beyond her age.
*‘Sukhi;’ this is one child whose life’s a living hell.


Raggedy ill-fitting clothes, cold walls,
No blankets, not even a cosy cot
The cement floor is all she’s got.
Not allowed to socialise,
Having no reason smile,
And all the reasons to cry
Survival for her is definitely a big test.


Governments come governments go
Human rights slogans are raised; media sells news; garners sympathy,
And…the show is over! Nothing changes as everyone leaves!!
Weaving lies; stealing hope,
Thoughts of simple pleasures causing pain
Sitting here in the cold silence of the alley
She is left wondering what went wrong in her life!


Will the sun ever shine on her?
Will we ever look her way?
Take this young child’s held out hands
In our own and ask if they were cold?
Can we draw her and her likes out and build them up again?
Give them a warm home saving them from the shadows.
THIS…is one of the most difficult conundrums our society faces today.


This insoluble conundrum has been quite cordially
And conspicuously contrived by us to suit our means.
And **Khushi is the solution

*Sukhi(सुखी) means happy/happiness in the Hindi language
**Khushi(ख़ुशी)- means happiness in the Hindi language


Here “Khushi” is a  home for destitute girls. An initiative for educational facilities for street children coming from broken homes, beggars or addict parents. 

KHUSHI is a project of INNER WHEEL CLUB of Delhi Greater Kailash.

INNER WHEEL CLUB of Delhi, Greater Kailash, has dedicated itself to work for the destitute. They are brought to this NGO. INNER WHEEL is the ladies arm of Rotary. it consists of 64 clubs in Delhi, Rohtak, Gurgaon, NOIDA etc. It is the largest women’s voluntary organisation across 103 countries in the world. Communion and interactions brings hearts closer and distances shorter.

“Personal service is the top priority. We help schools for underprivileged, old age homes, anti-drugs, HIV positive amongst others. That is why I am reaching out to you…!!”

Mrs. Neena Vasudeva
Inner Wheel of Delhi
Greater Kailash
District 301


© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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