The Chosen One; Moments and Memories


The Chosen One; Moments and Memories Those tender days, When we were curled up Together, inseparable Have now blown away With the wind, As light as a feather. * It’s been so long but There can never be A replacement For the words, feelings Moments and memories Shared together. * Warmth replaced by the cold … Read more

Remove The Unwanted

Remove The Unwanted We have an option To see the entire world Through the filters Look through the black and white And see the entire world, On a grey scale. Or look through The filters of colours Painting the entire world, Like a dazzling rainbow. ~0~ Filter the thoughts Roaming through The wilderness Of your imagination. … Read more

Simply Complicated

Simply Complicated

Simply Complicated There is no room for simple pleasures, In our lives No room for error No chasing after rainbows like a rebel Only outraged emotions When does this madness end? We may never know. ~0~   In this moment now Which we know as ‘today’ From simple and humble We have all come a long … Read more

Glistening Sands of Time

Sands of Time

Glistening Sands of Time Stopping for none Time; Ticks by tirelessly. Sometimes lost within A sleepless night It sheds its cloak At the first rays of Sunrise. Untamed;  Slipping through it fingers Ultimately, It wanders away. * Wearing off every day Finally Leaving a frail reminder As wrinkles and scars. Venerable and impartial Yet nine … Read more

Why Does A Soldier Fight?

Why Does A Soldier Fight?

Why Does A Soldier Fight? The soldier fights For the human rights activists To protest against him. The soldier fights For the politicians and clergies To send him back to war. The soldier fights For the right of his countrymen To sleep in peace, without threat. The soldier fights Not for religion, for he has … Read more