A lovely read



By-Rishika Ghai

Belonging to an Army background
Let me warn you…Our life is not stable
As we keep on moving
Place by place and meet new people.


Recognizing and understanding 
Different people and staying at various places
Is difficult but at the same time quite interesting
As we get to know our Nation and its citizens.


That how exactly our lifestyle is
Staying in a place for two years
And then shift to another. But that’s enough
To know, how each place and its people are.


Though some people said that 
‘Postings affect our child’s future’
As a result, they stay separated
But I and my mother proved them wrong.


I kept on moving to various places with my father.
That’s how I completed my schooling
By studying in various schools, because my mother decided
That separated we will never be as we are; A Family.



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