Yad Lagla by Euphony & Original Soundtrack

Even though I don’t understand a word of Marathi I just fell in love with this soulful song ‘Yad Lagla’.
When they say music transcends all religions and barriers they are 100% true.
After listening to the reggae by ‘Euphony’ performing for India’s got talent on a Whatsapp fwd I just fell in love with this song and went out to hunt the links so that I could bring them to you all.

I just had to share this…hope you enjoy listening to it. The subtitles are there in the second video which is the original soundtrack from the movie ‘Sairat’

Below is the original song in Marathi from the movie ‘Sairat.’

Yad Lagla Ga Lyrics – Sairat – Ajay Atul

Yad Lagla Ga Lyrics – Presenting to you with Yad Lagla Song from Sairat.
Music by Ajay – Atul
Movie: Sairat Marathi Movie Songs
Sairat‘ Official selection at 66th Berlin International Film Festival.
Directed by Nagraj Manjule.
Produced by Zee Studios & Aatpat Production

*** याडं लागलं ग याडं लागलं गं
रंगलं तुझ्यातं याडं लागलं गं
वास ह्यो उसात येई कस्तूरीचा
चाखलंया वारं ग्वाडं लागलं गं
चांद भासतो दिसाच मावळाया लागलं
आस लागली मनात कालवाया लागलं गं
याडं लागलं ग याडं लागलं गं…

याडं लागलं गं याडं लागलं गं
रंगलो तुझ्यातं याडं लागलं गं
वास ह्यो ऊसातं येई कस्तुरीचा
चाखलया वारं ग्वाड लागलं गं…

सांगवं ना बोलवं ना मनं झुरतया दुरून
पळतया टळतया वळतयं मागं फिरून…
सजलं रं धजलं रं लाज काजला सारलं
येंधळ हे गोंधळलं लाङ लाङ गेलं हरुन…
भाळलं असं ऊरातं पालवाया लागलं
हे ओढं लागली मनातं चाळवायां लागलं
याडं लागलं गं याडं लागलं गं


सुलगं ना ऊलगं ना जाळं आतल्या आतल्या
दुखनं हे देखनं गं एकलचं हाय साथीला
काजळीला ऊजळलं पाजळूनं ह्या वातीला
चांदणीला आवतन धाडतुया रोजं रातिला
झोप लागना सपानं जागवाया लागलं
पाखरुं कसं…. आभाळ पांघरायां लागलं
रारीरारीरा रा रारारारा…….


Yad Laglag Yad Laglag
Rangla Tujhyat Yad Laglag
Vaas Hyo Usaat Yee Kasturicha
Chakhalya Vaar Goad Lagl g
Chand Bhastoa Disach Mawlaya Laglag
Aas Lagli Mannat Kalvaya Laglag…

Yad Laglag Yad Laglag
Rangla Tujhyat Yad Laglag
Vaas Hyo Usaat Yee Kasturicha
Chakhalya Vaar Goad Lagl g

Sangavna Bolavna Maan Jhurtya Durun
Paltoya Taltya Valtya Maag Phirun
Sajlag Dhajlg Laag Kaajla Saarl
Yendhal hey Gondhala Laad Laad Gael Harun
Bhala Asa Urat Palvaya Laagl
Hey Oadh Lagli Manat Chalvaya Lagla
Yad Laglag Yad Laglag


Sulgana Ulgana Jaal Aatlya Aatlya
Dukhn hey Dukhng Eklach Sathila
Kajlila Ujal Pajlun hya Vaatila
Chandnila Avtaar Dhadtuya Roj Ratrila
Zoap Lagna Sapan Jagvayla Lagla
Pakhru Kasa Abhal Panghraya Lagla


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hope you all enjoy this song


© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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12 thoughts on “Yad Lagla by Euphony & Original Soundtrack

  1. Ranjini!
    I understand Marathi to a certain extent but cannot speak that fluently. My mother is from Maharashtra. The Music on the videos is good and I enjoyed it. The first one is from “Dil Hai Hindustani” I had missed to see that, I think those guys are now out of the ring. The second video is from the film. The scenes are also of a higher standard; it is so rare to find such high standards in Marathi films though they are made in Mumbai. Maybe they have improved a lot. I saw a Marathi song after a long time. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh that was the scene of a teenage love.
    Go see and read My Interview published today when you have the time.

    Liked by 1 person

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