A journey.

Thank you, Shilpa for such a beautiful gift on my Bog Anniversary. This is simply awesome… I am totally humbled by what you said… I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you again for making my day luv…

DilKiAawazSuno blog


A journey is often we worry about,

What to pack what not to pack,

How will it go, will it be fun!!

Millions of question running in our mind.

Every new venture is a journey in itself,

Teaching and learning taking their own shift.

In my journey to blogging I found a mentor for myself,

An amazing writer who is an awesome person.

Reaching many hearts with a smile so bright,

And motivation always at it’s high.

One year seems to fly past quick, 

With every post, the hearts she reached.

More to come is I look forward 

As I read through her blog “atrangizindagieksafar“.

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13 thoughts on “A journey.

  1. A Guru, A Godfather, A Mentor and A person Angelic are all to be thanked a million times. They come in our path show and support our life to blossom and make it brighter. We never know when and from where they shall appear in our lives but they are the source who give impetus to our real source, as they are Godsent.
    Blessed are those who shall meet them.
    Shilpa and Ranjini you are the blessed ones.
    Regards and Love to you both.

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  2. Congretulations👏
    कैलेण्डर मे देखो तो ,कई पन्नों मे एक वर्ष समाया होता है..
    करो अगर काम अपने मन का तो समझ मे नही आता..
    समय कब परिंदो सा उड़ चला..
    मै भी आती हूँ आपके ब्लॉग पर हमेशा..
    सीखती हूँ हमेशा कुछ नया सा..😊

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