So many dreams I dream
Some whisper gently into my conscience,
While some go ahead crushing my spirits.
Sometimes echoes of past hurt so bad
That I cry out and scream languishing in my bed
My mind a battlefield of paranoia and
Nervousness trying desperately to unravel
The mystery behind it.
The other times’ future beckons
And I listen to music from faraway lands;
Either dancing in a chorus or singing a lonely verse
Praying for a deeper vision that prevents me
From unravelling what’s real and true.
Sometimes you walk with me holding my hand
In yours, and I give in to these boundless dreams
Enjoying the elongated hangovers
While the other times we drift away
Like shifting sands under the rushing waters
Of the sea and I keep sitting awake trying
To keep these disturbing dreams away.
Praying silently I try to read a deeper
Meaning of these enigmatic dreams
That strike just before the crack of dawn.
I sit for an exam and don’t know the syllabus,
I keep missing my train or my house
Is under a siege of big intimidating felines.
Someone is holding me down pinned
To the bed sitting on my chest while
I struggle and choke on my silent screams.
Some are haunted in their calling
Some enticing and surreal, while
Some leave me naked and stranded
On the crowded roads.
So many dreams I dream… and
I’m still trying to unravel these dreams that
Handle and twist my soul with the tip of their icy fingers.


For details on “Prosetry” read I & Life Fight; Peacefully by theshivasponder


© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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