•Photography• a Story by Me😉

Loved these clicks. Absolutely awesome…


It’s a trend these days ~ after the popularity of #Facebook and other such popular medias among common people…..Everyone wants to be a •Photographer•. That’s Good

I will say “though many a people are in to Photography but only a few become successful to express what they wish to express through their shots”.

Beauty lies in the Eye’s of the Beholder…….

I can cite few examples with my own clicks over a period of so many years in to photography although to be honest I just read a nice book 📚 on “Basics of Photography” in my school days and I don’t remember the Author’s name…I am sorry for that 😳.

I name it Boats 🚣 in a Row….showing a number of Sikara type boats in a row and i am sure it will create an impression the moment we see it in a proper framing.
A distance shot…

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