Wow… 1002 Follows…!!!


Wow… 1002 follows…!!!

For a slow blogger like me whose blog has just completed its first anniversary two months ago… having 1002 followers is a very good reason for celebration.

I just love the yellow dot on the bell and the notification sound that plays, when I get a like/comment/follow. Also, it’s always great to hear constructive criticism… It helps me write better. When I had embarked on this journey in the blogosphere I was totally clueless. In the last 6 months, I have made a few good friends here who have genuinely helped me grow in this field.  Today if I don’t get their comments on my work it feels somewhat incomplete. I don’t need to name them. They already know who they are as I’ve often told them so. Normally we don’t carry these friendships into out personal lives… but these few friends have gone beyond just levels of blogging and have always been there goading me to write and write better. To them, I dedicate my today’s beautiful day.

Honestly, I am at a loss for words. I have just moved my residence…and all the setting up of the house, new job and heat of this place really got to my grey matter rendering it almost useless. I had literally gone into the ‘writer’s block’  mode.  Then comes along this stranger who says use my photographs to write and feel free to use them. And I did. Somehow his photographs speak to me and I am able to write. Not the usual long poems I normally write but quotes that prevent my brain from rusting. Some of those photographs are just too good to pass up. And the best part is they are not Googled. They are originals! Thank you dost.

After I started blogging I started experimenting with my writing… quotes and short stories (though one is still half and pending since long.) Wow, now I could write both! I  am really grateful that you all have bothered to read what I write and have taken time out to comment and follow me.  I have been a little a lazy in my follow ups but this I shall rectify soon enough.

New Attraction

I and Siba have started a new blog “myclicksyourstory,” where we post only original photos that have been clicked by Sibananda. They speak to me and they shall speak to you too. You are free to use these pics as a writing prompt and write a poem/ prosetry/ short story/ fiction/flash fiction anything that you like. Please leave a link to your blog post in the comments section. We will surely follow you up. That’s a promise.

I take the opportunity to Thank you ALL for liking my poems/quotes and short stories which is a BIG motivating factor…. with your support I hope to keep writing, editing and bringing my work to you in future too….

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33 thoughts on “Wow… 1002 Follows…!!!

  1. Congratulations! That’s a great achievement for you 🙂 i have been reading you blog for a while now and really enjoy it! I am new to the blogging field and I am looking for some feedback if you ever get some time?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Putting 0s in front of 1 is not joke, it needs guts and efforts, commitment and creativity, sincerity in reading and commenting on others posts.

    I am yet to cross 100 posts it is 98 now and just to cross 700 follows. There have been so many interruptions in my blogging. But I am happy with all my readers.

    I make a struggled effort in spite of my busy schedule to write and read others posts.
    Congratulations Ranjini!

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