My Clicks, Your Story: Weekend Photo Prompt #3


As promised here is our third photo prompt that we bring to you every Friday so that you can work on this while enjoying your weekend. We’ll be posting a photo every weekend which will be clicked by Siba/myself and you are free to write a story/poem/flash fiction on it.

Today’s Photo Prompt


Each pic posted here is copyrighted byCreativeSiba and atrangizindagieksafar. We don’t use any other photos here except our own.

You are free to write in any language.
A brief translation of the text would be an icing on the cake

Below is my entry for My Clicks, Your Story: Weekend Photo Prompt #3


Sunset on Beach

Salt water and tender sounds
Glimmering shimmers of sand laden
Waves lapping lazily at your feet.
Masquerading crabs
Controlled by the moon,
Emerge from their shell: a womb,
Looking forward yet scuttling sideways
Dances clumsily amongst the foam.

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