The Fault In Our Sanskars

all girls and women must read this….
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Artyculate! Ink

“Your mother in law just called in and do you know what she said?”

I didn’t respond.

“You have created a havoc in that family! How can you insult your own husband in front of his parents and then just leave? You’ve become a joke in our society. Is that how you repay your old parents? Is that what we have taught you? Are these the sanskars that you will inculcate in your children?”

“No, Ma.” I responded. I paused, assuming I’d receive more chiding for ‘back answering’, but she just stared at me, her face red with fury.

“You’re right.” I continued. “You haven’t taught me this.”

“When I was nine and that boy in my class pulled my hair, you told me to ignore him. You told me he’ll stop but he didn’t. My hair was falling out and my scalp hurt but you didn’t take any action…

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