Guest Post: World Imagined

Beautiful Misfit: World Imagined


Brightest star in the night sky,
a white rose in the red field.
One uniqueness that keep him
a beautiful luscious tree in a forest of equality.
Never will he be made
on the image of others.
Never will he blindly
worship his forefathers.
Never will he let tradition
destroy his unique imperfection.
A beautiful rarity
in a world of vanity.
He has many names
that define his grace
“Different”, a”misfit”
But one they forget is:

Our guest today is an awakened soul whose poems are all of different styles but they all stay on one topic- the truth. He loves to write and would like to show them to the world one day. My chat with him was most enjoyable. I am confident you will enjoy it too.


RNG: Good morning You, it’s great to be chatting with you here,  could you start by telling us a bit about yourself? 🙂

Dorian: Good morning, same here, yeah, of course, I can. :-). I am just a guy from Europe, Croatia that writes for his own pleasure, trying to get the message out. 🙂

RNG: Fantastic, I’m sure it’s a beautiful place and hope to visit it sometime. Can you tell us about your blog, and what inspired you to start it? 🙂

Dorian: As I said, and as you could’ve seen by now, most if not every, of my poems have one thing in common. They all talk about life and truth. I tend to write something else too but the premise is the truth.

RNG: You are an excellent wordsmith and can comfortably write in the English language so when did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

Dorian: Thank you. English has always been my favourite language. Maybe a month or so just at the time I started blogging.

RNG: That’s great…and you are doing pretty well indeed!  Each individual has his own style of working, how would you describe your own personal style?

Dorian: I would describe it as ‘totally and completely free.’ I don’t follow any poetry norms or rules. I just write what comes to my mind.

RNG: we al look for inspiration to write…where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts? What is your motivating factor?

Dorian: Well as I said before, it is the world that needs help. And it is what I think about deep in my heart now.

RNG: That’s wonderful. How long does it take you to write a poem/article?

Dorian: For a poem when I decide to write it, to think what I am about to write and to write it, it takes me maybe 5, sometimes 10 minutes.

RNG: What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

Dorian: I have none, I just write whenever I feel like it, at the work when I have time, I will write something too just so time passes by more quickly.

RNG: Great. I feel spontaneous writing is the best way to write. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Dorian: I can write almost anything. I write poetry, but I can also write something funny, and be creative really.

RNG: I remember I wrote my first poem when I was in grade X. Would love to know when did you write your first poem/article and how old were you?

Dorian: I wrote my first poem years and years ago when I was just a 10 year old if not younger.

RNG: Wow! And how many poems/articles have you written till now? Can you share a few links to your favourite articles or a few lines of a poem close to your heart with our readers?

Dorian: Until now, since I started blogging, I wrote about 100 poems if not more, as I write each day at least one or two. Yeah, I can share some. There is this poem Future. It holds a lot of meaning for me as it was some of my first 

Clock is ticking,
everything is falling apart,
more wondering souls
are waking up.

These above lines are from my poem: The Day of Light,  and it holds great meaning to me as I think it paint’s the picture of the world today that is waking up.

RNG: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Dorian: Pretty much enjoy. I don’t really have a time for writing and not. I will write when I feel like it.

RNG: That’s lovely. What is your motto in life?

Dorian: Be yourself, don’t let others define you.

RNG: You have a lot of followers to your blog how did you do this? Was there ever a time when you had only one follower? How did you get more?

Dorian: Well, perhaps it’s a lot for a months time and less. Of course, it was. When I started my blog I had one follower or two. As I started writing and publishing, people kept following me, so I followed back people who had the same idea as me, or if I just liked their blog.

RNG: I really wish you more and more followers. Your writings are unique and beautiful. So, according to you what are the top 3 factors that one has to keep in mind while trying to write a successful blog post?

Dorian: I would say just write from your heart, don’t think too much, and have fun with it.

RNG: You, I wish you all the best for YOUR BLOG to grow further. Any special message or any suggestions you would like to share with your visitors/fans which you think would help them become a better writer?

Dorian: Thank you, Yeah I would like to share something. If you have any talent, whether it’s writing, drawing, photography and many other, don’t waste it. Do something with it. I started a blog for a start. Don’t let your talents go to waste.

RNG: It’s been great chatting with you Dorian. I hope the readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed conducting it. Hope to see you frequent my guest post in future also and all my best wishes for your future.

Dorian: Thank you. It has been my pleasure also.

RNG: So readers that was World Imagined for you. To Know Your Contemporary Poets and writers who have graced my blog on Guest Posts and found their way to my Hall Of Fame click here. Prince, I hope to see you frequent my guest post in future also. 🙂

The invitation for the guest post is open 24×7 🙂 for all those who dare to bare their souls here.
Have a good day and happy blogging to you all. Ciao.



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