No better way to express

Shilpa i’m blessed to have a sister in you… this was just super duper awesome

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Today is a day for me to sing an dance,

As it’s a best day when a beautiful soul came to this land.

She is my mentor, she is my guide,

She is the reason that now I write.

Anytime you seek for help, she will guide,

without any hesitation without any pride.

A style full of smartness, Confidence and positivity at her stride.

Love for animals and passion to write.

A devoted mother, a loving wife.

An approachable friend, with love for life.

No better way I could find,

to wish her happiness, love and success for all her life.

All I Wana say…


Ranjeeta Di, the day you were born your parents were happy,

And today I could not find any better way

To share my happiness


Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

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5 thoughts on “No better way to express

  1. Oh Ranjini your Birthday is it. See how I have come at the right time without invitation. When close to heart invitation comes from the sky.
    Wishing YOU along with your no blood related Sis Shills the best of Health and most of Prosperity.😃

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