Old fashioned, I am
Childhood memories, I store
Nostalgia, I stir
I offer solace when you are alone
Bringing moments of joy
And mother’s love to the fore
Snuggled safely in your arms
I am your pride as you masquerade
Down the corridors.

No more shuffling in your seats… 
However mundane and monochromatic
The classes might have been
The thought of me adds a zing to your life
You wait for the time when
Everyone’s hands are drawn towards
Me and my likes whose rightful owner
Will be lucky to even find a morsel
Or be able to grab a bite.

Are the most delicious tiffin boxes
Who during lunchtime make up for the
Claustrophobic perfectionism of the classrooms
The chaos of the recess would soon end,
But the taste of the food stored
In my belly shall linger on…

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