I Shall Be Waiting For You


Waiting For You Since the day you’ve gone There is a slump in our lives Your belongings that used to be strewn around the room Are now all relaxing; stacked neatly in the cupboard Your table sits abandoned; gathering dust Once cluttered and dirty, It now sits cleanly at one corner of the room. There … Read more

Sermons: Refreshing Our Childhood Memories


Sermons: Refreshing Our Childhood memories “When we were your age we used to get only an aana and that would last us a month…” Today when I see the inflation going up and the cost of living rising simultaneously I remember these lines that my father loves to repeat when we were small. These lines … Read more

Guest Post: Rishika Ghai

कन्यायों का अधिकार

कन्यायों का अधिकार   सोच बदलो बदलाव आएगा पर यह संभव नहीं जब तक पित्र्सत्तात्मक समाज कन्यायों को सम्मान नहीं दे पाएगा| आज़ादी के कई वर्षो बाद भी हमारा देश आज़ाद नही गुलाम है पित्र्सत्ता के दौर में कन्यायों को पुरुषो से मिलता कम सम्मान है| इस दौर की विडम्बना तो देखो छेड़खानी, बलात्कार, अपहरण, … Read more

A Legend: Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan a legend

Can you define a legend? Well, I can… He is none other than my favourite Amitabh Bachchan… Same as everyone in the universe, And yet so different, Even the existence is so meaningful Having the power to rebuilt From scratch; from pain Was a LEGEND Reborn again, Pushing limits Carving out best memories From a … Read more