A Happy Second Blog Anniversary To Me

Blog Anniversary

A Happy Second Blog Anniversary To Me! Anniversaries call for celebration. And today that special day has arrived. Today (AZKS) Atrangi Zindagi Ka Safar celebrates its second anniversary. The growth has been slow and steady. Got distracted due to my posting and then resettling down. One thing that I have seen in these two years … Read more

One More Time

one more time

One More Time One more time As the stars and the moon glared, Born with a body of a woman, and Plagued by boundless desires She crash lands into a world of pain. From being a woman of substance To being an object of obsession She’ll silently endure it all And the sincerity of her laughter Shall … Read more

International Women’s Day 2018, Pride Of Women Award

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2018, Pride Of Women Award Surprises are always welcome… And this is what happened to me when I got a message followed by a call from the Aagaman Ek Khubsoorat Shuruat co-founder and founder Mrs. Ranjeeta Ashesh and Mr. Pawan Jain that I have been selected for the ‘Pride Of Women Award’ … Read more

Classical Poems Welcome you/ क्लासिकल पोएम आपका स्वागत है

Classical Poems क्लासिकल पोएम

सभी हिंदी कविता प्रेमियों का ‘Classical Poems/ क्लासिकल पोएम’ में स्वागत है मेरे हिंदी कविता प्रेमियों को ध्यान में रखते हुए और साथी ब्लॉगर्स के बार बार अनुरोध के बाद मैंने अब सभी हिंदी पाठकों के लिए एक अलग स्वर्ग बनाया है Classical Poems/ क्लासिकल पोएम, ताकि आप हिंदी कविताओं को एक ही छतरी के … Read more