A Blank Void In My Heart

A Blank Void

A Blank Void In My Heart

A blank, bare, empty feeling
And in disarray
A blank look
Staring away into some space
Broken heart
Pushed too far
Lack of comprehension
Crying myself to sleep
Feeling betrayed
Hollowness within, blank
Plagued by fears
At sixes and sevens
Disillusioned, alone and feeling lost
Feeling like a shattered vase
Fragile; sharp
Waiting to be pieced together
Yes, Tomorrow I’ll fix
The blank void in my heart
Where remnants of you still remain…


A poem in English that speaks about how a blank void is left in the heart when a loved one walks away from you…

It’s so natural to feel all empty and blank inside. and you don’t want anything to do with the world.

Everything that once stood for happiness looks so blank and devoid of happiness.

Even the canvas of life is blank without colours.


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