A Clumsy Little Human


Tripping. Falling. Slipping.
Fumbling. Collapsing. Stumbling.
Trust me she’s done it all.
From falling on her face,
To tripping from first base.
Running into some doors,
Scraping her knees,
Plus ending up on floors.
She’s a clumsy little human.


Through forty-six (and a half) years of clumsiness,
The universe has always whispered to her,
To fix the relationships before they’re lost.
With a little glue and a lot of patience.
Never hurting anyone on purpose,
However careful she might try to be,
Still sometimes things,
They’ll fall out of her clumsy hands.
She’s a clumsy little human.


She never tries to impress,
Tripping and fall through door frames
Always landing unannounced.
Sometimes when she goes out,
She sports a raggedy awful dress.
In the little crevices of her heart; where the past is hidden,
The fear settles as a dust,
Nibbling away at a fragile foundation, for
She’s a clumsy little human.


And if you are just a teeny-weeny bit
Clumsy just like her,
You’ll know how hard life can be…!
We’ve all got cracks and blemishes,
Wrinkles in our character.
We are all born a little crooked it seems.
Rising and setting with the sun,
Profit slaves; desperate to break their screens,
But Mauli…! She’s just a clumsy little human.


But there’s still hope, my darling Mauli.
Your clumsy fingers still give off warmth
And every hasty breath of yours
Is akin to a powerful wind
Destined for great heights.


© All Rights Reserved.

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