A Happy Second Blog Anniversary To Me

Blog Anniversary

A Happy Second Blog Anniversary To Me!

Anniversaries call for celebration.

And today that special day has arrived.
Today (AZKS) Atrangi Zindagi Ka Safar celebrates its second anniversary.
The growth has been slow and steady. Got distracted due to my posting and then resettling down.
One thing that I have seen in these two years is that life gives you ample reasons to write.
Only we need to be more open to opportunities as they present themselves to us.
In the past two years, I too have experimented with my writing style and grown as a writer.
Poetry is my first love and I could never stay away from it, but I also learnt how to write different forms of poetry.
Haiku, Tanka, Prose Poetry, Tezra Rima, Short story, Quotes and Soulful Recipes.
I have tried them all and enjoyed it to the hilt.
Not only that, the best part was that you all enjoyed reading them too and kept motivating me with your comments.
Your steady support always kept me motivated to write more and write better each time.
Being an Indian who has studied in English medium institutions I could write in both the languages without a hitch.
My Hindi readers used to often comment that they couldn’t locate my Hindi poems on AZKS.
Classical Poems क्लासिकल पोएम
So keeping that in view I have created another site Classical Poems where you will get to read only Hindi poems.
Not only this I had launched an AZKS Pan India Poetry Contest in english which is doing very well.
AZKS Pan India Poetry Contest Poetry Competition 2018

31st march 2018 is the last date for submission.

Next month Classical Poems will host a Pan India Hindi Poetry.

As if this was not enough we will be publishing an Anthology of Enlish poems.
This will be done under the banner of Aagaman Ek Khoobsoorat Shuruwat (आगमन …एक खूबसूरत शुरुआत)
All lifestyle poets can take part in it. Detailed post on the same will follow shortly.
I Cant do much to Celebrate from here but yes I would love it if you all could be a part of my celebration.

Please post a link to your poems and articles that you would like me to read in my comment section.

Today I have 826 followers and I hope to complete my 1000

This I had written last year and today at 1,177+ followers I can only say that I’m humbled by your love and hope to grow more in future too.

39 thoughts on “A Happy Second Blog Anniversary To Me”

  1. Congrats Ma’am! You write beautiful and its been a pleasure connecting to you and sharing thoughts as well many a times with you.
    Wish you loads of lucks & success in your future endeavors.😇💐

  2. A heartiest congratulations to you ma’am. And thank you so much for the platform that you provide and for your endless support.
    I wish you a very happy second blog anniversary. May you grow further and further and spread your wings of imagination high in the sky.
    Keep writing and inspiring ma’am. ❤

    With regards,

  3. Sorry for the late reply ma’am. Was just busy with studies these days. And I would love to participate in it. Ma’am, would you mind sending the required details for the participation to my mail inbox?😅


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