A Midget: Looming Buildings I Construct

Misty morning
Freezing winters
Or hot summer sun
Battling weather
Brick by brick
I lay the foundation
Of buildings that I’ll never
Get to stay in.
Uneasy beds
Mechanical routine
Working on daily wages
Each day
A struggle to survive.
On dismal days
Defeated by
Ghosts of poverty
Darkness threatens to engulf
My house
And my tiny world
Kept at bay by
Of the construction site.
In the land of the
Pursuit of property,
Where my civil rights
Are secondary
To the skyscrapers
And the crowded malls
Lugging my ambivalent
Lower class baggage
Towards its fast expiring future…
With no inclination
To invest and detonate
Destructive hostilities,
A midget;
I stand
In front of
Looming buildings
I construct. 


15 thoughts on “A Midget: Looming Buildings I Construct”

  1. Your words inspired my reply
    Truth is I always look for inspiration
    My mind in full time employment
    Random words it puts in order
    When done it lets me know
    To wet my pen and let words flow
    My hand then guided by my heart
    Scribes words the my mind decreed
    Of love, peace, empathy.
    And thanks too, to you indeed!
    in working to support oneself,
    ones family, who ever benefits,
    be proud of ones endeavours.
    however, don’t neglect empathy
    for those in need, those that struggle,
    give them love, a hug, a cuddle.
    then one can hold ones head up high,
    for what little bit they have done,
    in building foundations for life… fun


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