Katyayni: A Paradox Epitome

Paradox Epitome

Katyayni: A Paradox Epitome

A divine force
None can deny
Your cosmic source
Effervescent glory and inner warmth
The symbol of victory
Enchanting eyes
Nature’s profound gift
To humanity
A pristine predilection for adoration
The destroyer of worldly evil
Your valour requires no proof
Shiva your inseparable half
Oh, Katyayni…!
An epitome of valour
And boundless energy
A paradox
A beauty divine
Mired in abundant wisdom
And magnificence
I bow to you
Again and again.


This poem A Paradox Epitome is dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Durga is considered to be the ‘shakti’ meaning power.

During Navratras all her nine forms are worshipped.

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