A Tear, The Turmoil and A Response

A Tear, The Turmoil and A Response

Twenty-six letters;
A paper as a canvas and pen in lieu of a brush.
Boundaries set up by feelings and grammar.
Striving for perfection;
Transcending cultural boundaries.
Playing with words;
Disguising life’s dismal undercurrent,
Or, revealing hidden radiance within.
Poetry, fiction, article, short stories…
A writer;
Has infinite number of ways to,
Perform alchemy on the mundane topics,
Eliciting tears and smiles.


Words. Words. Words.
That’s all he offers; can offer.
Each word and each letter,
Written by a complete stranger,
Makes me feel more connected to myself.
Slowly; methodically,
He pens his thoughts on them.
Creating a melody;
Eliciting emotions between the words and letters
Weaving it gently into the heart
Forging pictures in the mind’s eye.
As these tears of sorrow and tears of joy spill from my eyes
I can’t help but wonder at the finesse of the artist who paints with words.


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