A Time To Heal

A Time To Heal

A Time To Heal

Smoke tingled and,
Danced upon his soul.
A simple act of breathing
Was never so painful
No. He could feel
The pinprick of the goosebumps
All over. A manic craving
Slowly threatening to take over
Intoxicating his senses
Clinging to the remnants
Of self-control he had
He said “NO.”
He knew that he had
Kicked the cigarette
He was finally free!
It was now
The time to heal.


Note to All

We all feel that we have a lot of time for everything in life.

But this is not so… we have only that much time as much as the breaths we take.

But one thing is for sure.

There is always time to heal from all heartaches, bad habits and misadventures.

No one is going to offer you this on a platter.

You have to take it out yourself and give your SELF the A Time To Heal

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