A Walk Down The Memory Lane

A Walk Down The Memory Lane
A Walk Down The Memory Lane

By- Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

Now and then
I walk down the memory lane
Recalling every word
You ever spoke
Painstaking hours
You spent with me
Mentoring and covering up
All my broken promises
You were the sword I wielded
When adversities struck me
So just as a dewdrop
Keeps its promise with the wild rose
A rainbow keeps its promise
With the sky
The heavens keep its promise
With the earth
The stars keep their promise
To the moonless night sky
So shall I keep my promise
To you and be your sword
Nurturing you,
Preserving you
Death shall keep
Its promise to life…

This poem is written for my father who is 82 years old and is battling cancer lungs. He has always been my strength and now I intend to be his.

Keeping our faith in the almighty and the competent doctors we move on with life.

We know that the end will come and it’s just a matter of time but we refuse to give up hope and celebrate life together and make lots and lots of memories.

8 thoughts on “A Walk Down The Memory Lane”

  1. Di l can feel what it takes to b same to watch ur loved one moving towards the end hand in hand.
    Every new sunshine is like the bonus point to life …
    Every breath meaningful and priceless ..
    We keep our fingers crossed and we held the fist tightly in our hands
    Before it slips off ….


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