Always Appreciate Never Underestimate


Appreciate Not Underestimate

No one’s helpless
Nobody’s a fool
Naïve maybe
But exception
Proves the rule

Never underestimate
The power of compassionate,
For you know not how much they hurt
They might be introvert
To save  themselves some disconcert

Never underestimate
The power of a woman
For you know not how she smiles through her tears
She may be only camouflaging her fears
Weak at times though she may appear

Never underestimate
A child who dreams
For he may outshine everyone by all means
It’s only a matter of time
When he leaves the runway and touches cloud nine

Never underestimate
The power of a common man
For he can reverse your game plan
Make or defeat an entire government
Enter into a covenant, or
Shut down a billion-dollar company fighting for his dues on retirement

Never underestimate
Always appreciate
Strive to bring out the best
Remove the irrelevant
Hug the people you love
Let them be what they want to be


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