An Emptiness That Doesn’t Ever Go Away

An Emptiness That Doesn’t Ever Go Away

Each time we talk
I can hear the love in your voice
Hiding behind your feelings
And keeping the truth locked away,
But there is so much said
In the things that you don’t openly say.
The distance fate put between us
Is nothing but a test of patience.
For real love doesn’t ever go away.
Nor does it ever fade into the past,
It goes on forever
For as long is forever…


Every now and then
My heart wanders back in time.
I can feel your smile rest upon my face.
I can feel the warmth of your gaze
And gentleness of your embrace.
And I remember fondly that sparkle that danced in your eyes.
Your laughter still rings in my ear
And your voice still whispers to me
Making promises, we are sure we’ll always keep.
No matter how much time passes and years roll by
There’ll always be a feeling of missing a part of myself
But I know this much is true, I will always love you.


All those old feelings
Awaken the memories in my mind
The way my heart aches
Sometimes catches me off guard.
You and I are meant to be
Even as fate leads us down on separate paths.
The hours we would spend talking.
The feeling of hope, happiness and contentment.
Hearing your heartbeat, as you held me close enough…
I can recall each moment spent together as if it were only yesterday.
Everything dear now replaced by an ache
And emptiness that doesn’t ever go away.


12 thoughts on “An Emptiness That Doesn’t Ever Go Away”

  1. Thanks for stopping by! You’ve got an awesome blog and I love the artwork accompanying your posts 🙂 . Your writing is incredibly evocative as well – I’m glad I’ve come across yours here!

  2. Mam, I read many of your poems today and I really found them amazing with my favorite being “Rules of Heart vs Portals of the Mind. Please keep writing, I am really looking forward to your future posts.
    If possible please do check out our blog too.


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