An Open Wound Burned


An Open Wound Burned

Campfire burning in the dark;

Lights burning in the windows

He watched silently; diaries burned

Eyes burning from the smoke while his soul burnt in hell

And, the fire burned and crackled cheerfully in the grate.


Destroyed by the fire within

He remembered her pale dejected countenance;

And heavy eyes, from crying all night

He burnt; as the relationship went up in smoke

He watched his memories burn to the ground; smouldering.


The rains had  now begun

To drive through the mourning branches of the trees

Resentments that burned away their tender feelings

Now seemed to deride and ridicule him,

“I wish there was a condom invented for the heart,” he uttered.


The fog burned off as the sun came up

His anger burned away in time

“Of what use were anger and protestations now..!!

For bridges burnt cannot be crossed again.”

Her words still burnt his heart…


 Note to All

A poem in English that deals with the agony of a lover who burns in the memories of a love affair that went wrong.

Every memory of her is like a salt in an open wound of his.

Burning his diaries and seeing it all go up in a flame is of no use to an open wound that he nurses.

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