Angel: An Unwanted Visitor 


Angel: An Unwanted Visitor

A tiny ball of fur
With eyes cerulean blue
Fuzzy packaging, sharp claws.
Mewling softly and forever hungry.

Stumbling as you learnt to walk
Snuggling against my cheek; in my neck.
Curling up on my chest and in my lap,
Crawling up on my shirt and
on my giant dogs.

Tiny sandpaper licks on my chin;
Sucking my fingers when going to sleep,
Tickling; warm, heartening
Whiskers tickling my nose.

Little did I know that you were lent to me
By God only for a short while
To love while you lived and
Mourn when you died.

Little did I know that the dark angles
Will visit while you slept
Creeping up on you slowly
Snuff out the life suffocating you.

As you gasped for air;
Taking your last breath
Cocooned in my palms
Death visited my house yet again.

All I’m left with is
A full panoply of your memories
Trapped in my camera
As I mourn your loss.

Story in Brief

Have you seen an Angel? Well, I did. It was a usual cold morning and I had gone to the kitchen to make some tea for us. While I was working in the kitchen I heard a constant mewing of a kitten.

The noise was coming from outside my front door.

And what do find?

A tiny kitten of about 18-20 days outside on the floor mewing in a pitiable condition.

I knew that a queen cat had given a litter in my car garage. So I put it back where it came from hoping to have seen the last of it, but I was not so fortunate.

The kitten kept falling off from the cardboard and returning.

Finally, at the end of the day, it was clear that the queen had abandoned it.

We took the poor soul in and fed her. She was our little Angel and that’s what we called her, ‘Angel.’ She was a treasure to be treasured.

My dogs doted on her as she learnt to walk. Angel was almost a month old by now and we were ready to give her solids to eat.

She had got a small set of teeth also and would bite when she felt hungry.

But then catastrophe hit us.

It was time for her feed and she was still sleeping. Which was quite unusual. We got her out of her box in a gentle manner.

She was limp! Her head hung loose. As if she were dead.

Her heartbeat was faint but I could feel it as I held her in my palm. I gave her CPR but nothing helped her. She was making funny noises while breathing. As if there was water in her lungs.

I called the vet and he came on an emergency visit. But then he only told me what I feared.

It would be a miracle if she could make it past the night and at 1:30 am she took her last breath in my palms. Death (pneumonia) had finally snatched her from me. She was buried in my garden that fateful morning.

36 thoughts on “Angel: An Unwanted Visitor ”

    • Yes… OK.. I have no choice… how can I fight destiny… I did best what I could for three weeks but I’m only human… and this is when I feel helpless. My pets die in my hand and can’t do a thing… this is second in 3 months… difference is only in ages. Both rescued cats. Same color. Same parentage. One was 17 yr old male… and this one is 4 wks old female. I’m actually heartbroken Harsh…

  1. Aw, so very sad and touching. IT’s so difficult when I pet dies, and people who aren’t ‘animal people’ don’t understand. They really do take a place in your heart. Thinking of you. x

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