As You Walk Away From Me

As You Walk Away From Me

As You Walk Away From Me

As you walk away from me…
I’m tired of dreaming.
I’m through with trying.
I have nothing to offer, nothing to give,
For I’ve given all, that a woman could give…and more
Though my heart whimpers with pain
But it’s my mind I trust
There’s confusion around me
And numbness in my heart

As you walk away from me…
Silently I pray, that you achieve all that you desire
A plate of gold, to serve you, sire
May you reach the zenith of your profession
And our son make you proud
All the memories I keep as a treasure
For this is the only one thing that I cannot return
You have your freedom,
All of your time is yours

As you walk away from me…
I never was a priority,
Always a loser to time and money
Ne’er did I seek an apology…. But that’s all I got
Ne’er did pain, loneliness and distances scar my life
As being misunderstood did
But for all the pain endured, one thing I cheer about
Now you don’t have to feel guilty on my account
Today I know, forever is not, ‘as long is forever’
Forever ceased to exist, as you chose to walk away from me

As you walk away from me…
It doesn’t mean goodbye
You can think you’re gone but memories belong to me,
Ha…, it’s a fool’s paradise
And here I am….a broken boat but strong oars…
For me, it doesn’t mean the end
Every time I close my eyes, we’ll fall in love again
Memories of kisses shared and time spent, I keep…
You take the hatred of me all…

As you walk away from me, on and on I shall trudge,
But hath men ever reached the end of shore…?


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