Be Grateful For All That You Have Today

Be Grateful

Be Grateful For All That You Have Today

The present is here.
The past doesn’t exist anymore
And the future hasn’t got to you yet.
No time to sit and mope over past regrets.

Be grateful for all that you have today
And all that is given to you.
Love unconditionally, love freely.
Grow in love; celebrate what you have.

The halls and gullies of your mind
Are filled with haunting memories.
They shall whisper to you every day,
The heartbeat of which will never fade.

Your home; your family; is where your heart is.
Some days may be tough,
So if you don’t just sit and mope…
Together, you will be able to cope.

Don’t sulk and sob, whine and cry.
All you need is some peace and quiet.
Let love follow wherever you go.
Allow your heart to always be filled with hope.

Leave sad thoughts behind, and
Let harmony and joy fill your mind.


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