Be Your Own Masterpiece

Be Your Own Masterpiece

Stop trying to ape others
Avoid being a part of the herd.
Try to find your own identity

Is there a need to mimic people? Learn from them.
No point in succumbing to stealing another’s identity and losing your own.
Don’t allow anyone to take away your own originality.

Drop the pretences. Be you.
Don’t compare yourself with others.
Remember, you are beautiful in your own unique way.

Listen to me
And listen to me well. Don’t do that it’s all been done before.
You are not a copycat, and don’t try to become one now.

Create something new from dust and ashes.
It may be smaller and insignificant in comparison to others
But, will be existent in its capacity.

Nurture and water your dreams.
Get up. Rise above the chaos, doubts and pressures of shallow minds.
Create a masterpiece. Be your own masterpiece.


10 thoughts on “Be Your Own Masterpiece”

  1. This is what masons do. building a better self. stop doing the things that you don’t like. pay attention, nurture the good. may you grow ever more into the endlessly unfolding Love!


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